YA Book Review: Angel Fire



Title: Angel Fire ( Angel #2 )

Author: L.A Weatherly

Published: 2011 By Candlewick Press

Type: Angels, Paranormal, Fantasy

Source: Bought on B&N

Paperback,  638 Pages



Summery: In book two of L. A. Weatherly’s wildly romantic, action-packed trilogy, the angels are back with a vengeance . . . and they don’t have heaven in mind.

In the wake of the Second Wave, the angel menace has exploded, and Alex and Willow are on the lam. They connect with a fledgling group of angel killers, and Alex takes charge of training. Meanwhile, Willow dreams of a mysterious boy, and when brooding, gorgeous Seb shows up in the flesh, he turns out to be another — possibly the world’s only other — half angel. When Alex enlists this rival to help keep Willow safe, he can’t predict what chemistry will pass between them . . . or how far Willow might go to keep Alex safe. Will their love endure or spell doomsday for the human race?


My Review: Talk about a emotional roller-coaster this book was. So many plot turns, made my mind go crazy.

Alex and Willow go threw many battles for there relationship, when a half-angel Seb comes along. I wasn’t really happy with the love triangle in this book. I didn’t really mind it, Seb has really grown on me but i would of just liked it to be Alex and Willow with the whole love triangle thing.

Willow and Alex go to Mexico to find more AKs if there was any, to stop the angels from taking over the world after the Second Wave. Angels are taking over and draining the Humans energy Willow gets a vision to got to Mexico City and that when to they come across a couple of AKs, and one Alex has known for a while, And Seb the half Angel.

Seb has been looking for another Half-Angel for years, he always knew it was a girl around his age, he was about to give up on her, but then he finds a Photo Willow and goes to Mexico City for find her.

I have mix-feelings over this book. There was a few parts i felt like it just dragged on to long, and then there was parts that left me puzzled, with the love triangle between Will and Alex and then Willow and Seb. I just wanted Willow to be with Alex and i can have Seb…yes me want him to myself.

Alex starts getting sick in this book, and Willow starts thinking it’s her fault because of being half-angel and all with the Angel burn that angels give Humans after draining there energy. When that was happening i fault soo bad like Alex LOVES i mean LOVES Willow. But there was parts Alex was being such an arse. I didn’t blame Willow for going to Seb.

The book might not be as good as the first but still a really good read. Has lots more action in it. Plot turns that will have you griping the pages. You watch Willow Grow to be stronger and more brave. She when’t from being a Weird kid at a high school to having to save the human race in such a short time.

The ending is  short of a happy ending minus the world almost ending and more things to come. The Love Willow and Alex has is so strong and heart warming. Yes there was moments where i wanted to go threw the book and slap them both for acting so silly!.

Everyone i think will like the new characters in this book like seb and SAM! Sam has this Attitude about him, he leaves off this”he doesn’t care but you just have to love him anyways” Feel.

And Seb has had a ruff childhood growing up in Mexico. for a while he didn’t care what the angels did really all he cared about was finding his Half angel but you watch grow to want to save the world from the angels for what they where doing to the human race.

The book is THICK! filled with a LOT of pages. I couldn’t believe how big the book was when i opened the box i was like ” Holy Mother Of Books! this is HUGEE”. I knew when reading i was gonna have to get comfortable because the book was so huge i knew it was gonna be crazy ride.

Overall: If you haven’t read the series, i repeat once more TO READ THEM! amazing story telling of angels. Angel fire isn’t as good as Angel Burn but still awesome in it’s own right. I can’t wait to read my ARC of Angel Fever. I want more Alex and have all my unanswered questions being answered. I give this book a 4/5 stars.



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