Ya Book Review: Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman



Title: Shadow of Time
Author: Jen Minkman
Published: January 1st 2013 by CreateSpace
Type: Romance, Fantasy, paranormal
Source: From the Author Via Booklikes
Ebook, 400 pages

add-to-goodreads-button3Summery:All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship.

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams?

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you.



*This review may contain Spoilers. You have been warned.


I was really excited to read this book. The summery and the cover was to die for. but when i open the book i was disappointed. The beginning just seemed awkward and you go threw so much Yada Yada before stuff gets good, And when things start to good it goes away in a flash. I really liked what the “real” plot was aiming on with creatures hunting her and her get flashes of the past. Instead most of the book was about Hannah obsessing over Josh and there on and back again fling..Love drama.

you have Hannah who is like 24 who teaches high school students for a living. She comes back for home for the summer to visit her brother Ben. She instantly gets attracted to her brothers childhood friend, Josh who is 17. Josh has this “stand back” kinda of attitude were he pushes people away and has secrets. The whole relationship was just awkward to me cause of her being 24 and a teacher. I know a lot of people probably don’t care and ” love just being a number ” but i just couldn’t take the whole story-line seriously because of that fact. I have family who are together and there is a huge age gap between them. It’s just she is a “Teacher” teaching that age group. Just awkward. I didn’t like Hannah she was annoying and always acts like everything was about her when really she was the reason Josh was stand offish towards her.

Now that’s really all i had a problem with. I feel like if the author just focused more on the paranormal plot of the story it would’ve been more enjoyable book to read. I’m sure the author has really good books and good ideas but for me this story was just not for me. I feel bad cause i really wanted to love this story. I loved Josh’s character. He regenerates after he dies and has to go threw life again to stop evil. It would’ve been awesome if the book was in his P.O.V instead of Hanna’s. Just wanted to point that out. I loved the authors writing and her concept. The cover is really beautiful. Overall and the fact it took me days to get threw this book, i have to give it a 2.5.  Just because i didn’t like it does not mean others won’t. I do recommend people to give this book a shot and judge it for yourself. This book is category as YA but is my opinion its leaning on New Adult.




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