Another Little Update

I know i said i will be posting more reviews this week..well i also forgot about Thanksgiving…I know right, how can i forget that! well i did. This week has been pretty busy, with preparing for the big Thanksgiving dinner. I wont have the time to write my reviews. I will still be reading my books and i will still post my Double Waiting on Wednesday post, so keep a look out for that.

Hopefully by Monday i wont be in such a busy state. I also went ahead and Read The Fiery Heart. Even tho i said i was gonna wait. I just couldn’t NOT read it. Well i did finish it and the Review will be posted when i have the chance. I can tell you one thing about The Fiery Heart…WHAT A FREAKING ENDING! omg like how do i wait a year for the next book? I can’t. I also got my Eye of Minds book by James Dashner back, so i am reading that baby right now and i am almost finished.

Anyways thanks for reading my little update. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Followers and people who are just stopping by. Thanks for understanding me. I am still accepting Reviews. So if you have a YA book coming out and need more reviewers. I am here. My Blog is gonna be on break this week but i will still be around the internet so send me a email oh even stop by my Twitter page.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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