Happy Holidays to my Follower! I have a little note to share.

There is a lot i want to say but i am gonna keep it short. I Haven’t been doing my Review blog that long, but i feel like i been doing it for ages now! Time sure does fly. I wanted to thank all my Followers, For coming on my blog and reading my little reviews( i know it can be hard, with my Typos and all ). Just thank you guys so much! i am happy to share my reviews with other Book lovers out there. I hope you guys keep coming!  without you guys my blog would be in a Blog Graveyard right now.

On to next Subject! I will be gone for Christmas Vacay for a week. I will be heading up too Michigan to visit family i haven’t seen in a year. So all my reviews wont be posted until i am back home. But don’t worry i have been still reading and writing my reviews the old fashion way….on paper.

To the Authors who have asked me to review your books: I am still on it *Smiles* I am reading away and writing.. just stay patience. So far i have already finished 2 ARCS and reviews. I also Finished Nightfall Gardens by Allen Houston, i will be starting on the second book while i am up in Michigan.

I also really want to catch up on the books i won/bought so after i finish my ARC and Request reviews i will be reading those lovely books.

This is why i wanted to Thank you guys, cause i know i most be like a horrible Blogger but you all still deal with me and i couldn’t be happier then i am now.

I really hope all My blog Readers and Authors have a Wonderful Holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

P.S I’m not taking up requests for books at the moment until i can catch up with what i have now and when i get back. So around January i should be open up for request again.


Stephani ( Owner of YA Book Reviews )

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