I am back!

I am back from Michigan, and i have such an awesome time just relaxing with the family for the Holidays. I got a bunch of cool stuff this year and even had some luck over the holidays, won couple of books and even a 25$ Gift Card to Amazon…bought me a couple of books.

My Stacking the Shelves should be pack next weekend! I read a couple of books over Vacation, One I loved! and the other put me too sleep, watch for the reviews here soon. I still have a lot of reviews to write so bare with me…i am a very slow person here lately.

I will be posting my first Review since i been back, on Monday. I am still debating if i should do a Waiting on Wednesday post or just post my reviews to catch up to speed…i guess we will see.

My Christmas List:

  • A couple of hello Kitty stuff.
  • A Cute pair of Slippers boots from my Cousin.
  • Domo Stuffed Doll.
  • PJs and Hot Coco.
  • A Couple of books ( i will list soon ).
  • oh and 50 Dollars from my grandpa!….that i bought books with.
  • Awesome Hunger Games and Twilight Pillow Cases.
  • And My Favorite New Tardis Hat!! still going crazy for it.

…There is a lot of other cool stuff i got but i will be here all day. What did you guys get over the holidays? Any cool books you just have to brag about? anything Fandom Related? Please let me know, so we can all going crazy together over awesome stuff.

Now i am gonna go stick my noes in a book i have to finish up and i will see you guys Monday! Hope everyone has a AWESOME NEW YEARS!

*Review Request is still closed for now




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