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I will be posting my upcoming Blog Tour on here. But I wanted to let everyone know to start following me on my new blog. Thank you everyone who have been following me and have been part of my blogging and reading my reviews. I hope everyone comes to my new blog and enjoy it like you have on here.

HUGE NEWS!! New Updates and New Blog.

My Blog will be having some major changes coming soon! so there might be some issues here and there but don’t worry everything will be okay. I am probably not gonna be as active as i should be but it’s for the good of the blog and when everything is done, it’s all gonna be worth the wait.

My blog will be moving to a new domain but i will still be going threw wordpress. I am getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, With the help of my mom. My site will be called YA Review instead of YA book Reviews. And a really awesome new theme! There might be some bumps along the way but just ignore them.


( US only ) No String Attached Giveaway Hop ~ Starling or Bloodlines

no strings January

No Strings Attached is a giveaway hosted by I am a Reader, Not a Writer. With No Strings Attached, All you have to-do is click the Free entery. You don’t have to be following my blog or my twiiter. Fun right? I thought so too.

I am giving away ONE winner to choose between Starling by Lesley Livingston or Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. Both books are Hardcover.

If you haven’t read my Giveaway Rules Please click here –> Giveaway Policy and Enjoy the giveaway. Click here to view other links in No strings Attached Hop.

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Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop : The Memory of After by Lenore Appelhans [ US Only ]


I will be giving one lucky winner a copy of The Memory of After by Lenore Appelhans Also known as Level 2. This Giveaway is only for US only.



Click here for the rules —-> Giveaway Policy

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Click here for the Clear your Shelf Hop List

I am back!

I am back from Michigan, and i have such an awesome time just relaxing with the family for the Holidays. I got a bunch of cool stuff this year and even had some luck over the holidays, won couple of books and even a 25$ Gift Card to Amazon…bought me a couple of books.

My Stacking the Shelves should be pack next weekend! I read a couple of books over Vacation, One I loved! and the other put me too sleep, watch for the reviews here soon. I still have a lot of reviews to write so bare with me…i am a very slow person here lately.

I will be posting my first Review since i been back, on Monday. I am still debating if i should do a Waiting on Wednesday post or just post my reviews to catch up to speed…i guess we will see.

My Christmas List:

  • A couple of hello Kitty stuff.
  • A Cute pair of Slippers boots from my Cousin.
  • Domo Stuffed Doll.
  • PJs and Hot Coco.
  • A Couple of books ( i will list soon ).
  • oh and 50 Dollars from my grandpa!….that i bought books with.
  • Awesome Hunger Games and Twilight Pillow Cases.
  • And My Favorite New Tardis Hat!! still going crazy for it.

…There is a lot of other cool stuff i got but i will be here all day. What did you guys get over the holidays? Any cool books you just have to brag about? anything Fandom Related? Please let me know, so we can all going crazy together over awesome stuff.

Now i am gonna go stick my noes in a book i have to finish up and i will see you guys Monday! Hope everyone has a AWESOME NEW YEARS!

*Review Request is still closed for now




Happy Holidays to my Follower! I have a little note to share.

There is a lot i want to say but i am gonna keep it short. I Haven’t been doing my Review blog that long, but i feel like i been doing it for ages now! Time sure does fly. I wanted to thank all my Followers, For coming on my blog and reading my little reviews( i know it can be hard, with my Typos and all ). Just thank you guys so much! i am happy to share my reviews with other Book lovers out there. I hope you guys keep coming!  without you guys my blog would be in a Blog Graveyard right now.

On to next Subject! I will be gone for Christmas Vacay for a week. I will be heading up too Michigan to visit family i haven’t seen in a year. So all my reviews wont be posted until i am back home. But don’t worry i have been still reading and writing my reviews the old fashion way….on paper.

To the Authors who have asked me to review your books: I am still on it *Smiles* I am reading away and writing.. just stay patience. So far i have already finished 2 ARCS and reviews. I also Finished Nightfall Gardens by Allen Houston, i will be starting on the second book while i am up in Michigan.

I also really want to catch up on the books i won/bought so after i finish my ARC and Request reviews i will be reading those lovely books.

This is why i wanted to Thank you guys, cause i know i most be like a horrible Blogger but you all still deal with me and i couldn’t be happier then i am now.

I really hope all My blog Readers and Authors have a Wonderful Holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

P.S I’m not taking up requests for books at the moment until i can catch up with what i have now and when i get back. So around January i should be open up for request again.


Stephani ( Owner of YA Book Reviews )

Another Little Update

I know i said i will be posting more reviews this week..well i also forgot about Thanksgiving…I know right, how can i forget that! well i did. This week has been pretty busy, with preparing for the big Thanksgiving dinner. I wont have the time to write my reviews. I will still be reading my books and i will still post my Double Waiting on Wednesday post, so keep a look out for that.

Hopefully by Monday i wont be in such a busy state. I also went ahead and Read The Fiery Heart. Even tho i said i was gonna wait. I just couldn’t NOT read it. Well i did finish it and the Review will be posted when i have the chance. I can tell you one thing about The Fiery Heart…WHAT A FREAKING ENDING! omg like how do i wait a year for the next book? I can’t. I also got my Eye of Minds book by James Dashner back, so i am reading that baby right now and i am almost finished.

Anyways thanks for reading my little update. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Followers and people who are just stopping by. Thanks for understanding me. I am still accepting Reviews. So if you have a YA book coming out and need more reviewers. I am here. My Blog is gonna be on break this week but i will still be around the internet so send me a email oh even stop by my Twitter page.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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