Review Policy

[Reviews are closed-Visit Contact-me for more Info]


All my reviews are my honest opinion on the books. I don’t get paid to review. If you are a Author looking for Reviews just contact me at the top of my blog. I am happy to help. Just because an Author or publisher gives me the book  does not mean i will 5 star review it. When i review i only review how i thought about the book. If i didn’t like the book i will give a honest review on why i didn’t like it and rate honestly. If i liked the book i will rate it a high star. DO not ask me to-do a good review. I will not take money for reviews. My reviews always include the book cover, and a synopsis on the book itself (From Goodreads)

I only do book reviews for the following YOUNG ADULT genres:

  • Dystopian/Utopian
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Futuristic
  • Vampires/wolfs
  • Science Fiction
  • Aliens
  • Steampunk
  • Romance ( But it has to include the top Genres )

I will not review non-fiction or erotica, religious undertones or themes.

I don’t accept Murder Mystery’s since i’m not a fan of them but i do sometimes read and review them if i buy it or won it in a contest. it all depends about the book really.

ARCs – Advanced copies will be given first priority, when reviewing.  I will accept print.  After reading ARCs i will hand them to a friend or Etc. Sometimes i will keep them. it all depends really. I review for both large and small publishers, including indie publishers and self-published authors. Please don’t take offence if I decline your offer to review your book, it’s no disrespect to the author, I will always reply to every email giving my answer.

I prefer Print copy’s. I sometimes depends on the book i will accept ebooks. But like i said i prefer print. I Don;t own a nook or a kindle. I can only read ebooks from my laptop so it is hard to read the book. If the book seems really god and i heard good reviews then i will accept ebooks.

DISCLOSURE: All books I receive for review are from either the publisher or the author. I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Other books I review are books I have purchased from stores directly. I always give a honest review.

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